Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

Dear 'Freedom of Expression' advocates,

As you know, houses and offices have been raided and searched for Ahmet Şık's yet to be published book 'İmamın Ordusu' by the prosecutor and the originals were deleted from the computers after copies were made.

Prosecution declared this not a book but an “organisational document” and that who are in possession will be prosecuted unless they are surrendered and upon which a petition signed by tens of thousands have denounced themselves saying “I too have a copy”.

Now we have taken one more step. The content of the book is published via internet. Here is another more effective “civil disobedience” opportunity!

I am being civilly disobedient by sending the below text to the e-mail address of Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Turan Colakkadı. Furthermore by inviting you all to do the same I am committing another offence and suggesting you repeat this as well.

If you can not accept the cersure, which we have been proud to be dead for 103 years, rising from its grave you should put your name and address instead of mine at the bottom of the text below.

- Send it to all the e-mail addresses you possess and thus raise the number of “organisational propagandists” above the bed count of the prisons.

- Denounce yourselves, as it is done in this mail, by putting Chief Prosecutioner Turan Colakkadı's address at each e-mail group's “add cc/send copy” box (

- We should also buy a copy of the book when it is out, showing our respect to Ahmet Şık's efforts, or in other words let's be free of compunctions and not buy a “pirate book”, shall we?

Love to us all.

Şanar Yurdatapan

PS: You could wonder “The book is out anyway, why should we bother?” But if that's just it, then it is so.

Yet if the aim is “to prevent the repetition of such oppression, let no one dare use such techniques ever again” then we should effectively point out the impasse of these methods. Undoubtedly nothing can be done against an unidentifiable mass. How about an identifiable mass then? To file suits is one thing and not to is another! The only choice is to amend the loops, if any, of the CCP and more significantly not even imagine such coercions anymore.

Also if we remind ourselves of the four basic rules that differentiate civil disobedience from any other method we can clearly see why this should be done:

- Overtly and publicly (what is done and by whom should be visible, never concealed)

- With clarity (Why it is done and what is the aim of the disobedience should be clear)

- Bearing the consequences (particant should know the possible outcome and be ready for it)

- With no sufferance for others (the possible suffering should only be limited to the voluntary participants)

Now you can send it to the prosecutor erasing the part above the asterisks and clicking “forward”.

Bon voyage to it...


Sayın Turan Çolakkadı,

İstanbul C. Başsavcısı


Esteemed Chief Prosecutor,

You will find enclosed a copy of the yet to be published book “İmamın Ordusu” which has been confiscated from computers in police raids claimed to be organisational documentation. As you can see I have not just obtained the text and posted it to my e-mail addresses and assisting its distribution but encouraging the recipients to act similarly.

I am anticipating the possible investigation and ready for the legal procedures to be started in regard of my actions.

Respectfully yours,

Şanar Yurdatapan

Uncular Caddesi 28-a, kat 2,

34672 Üsküdar - İSTANBUL

0216/492 0504

0535/368 9113